What’s Next


Prayer & Discernment

We want to enter into an intentional season of prayer and discernment. During this discernment process we ask that everyone be in prayer for God’s heart and God’s will in Plowshares. Throughout this time of discerning and prayerwe will continue to worship together on 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Plantory, 2nd and 4th in our Plowshares Community groups recognizing that change is on the horizon. We appreciate all of the thoughts, reflections and feedback we’ve received from Plowshares members.  

Community Group Leader/Host Meeting

In June our Community Group Leaders and Hosts will gather to discuss how we may improve Plowshares so that it’s the type of church that we’d like to share with our friends and neighbors. Topics to be discussed include where our meetings occur, how often we meet, and how we may better serve our local communities where we live. You can expect that the Plowshares pastoral staff will share our new plan for moving forward in July of 2019 and we will begin living into those changes in August of 2019.

Membership Classes and Board of Directors

Even as we move in these directions, one thing we know for sure is that God is calling us to move forward together as a united body.  As such, we will begin hosting Membership classes this summer so that we can create an internal board of directors to help lead and guide our church through the next season of our growth and development.

Questions? Thoughts? Please let us know and please join us in devoted prayer over the next few months as we seek to answer the call to share the peace of Christ in Central Kentucky.