We value the roots and security of deep relationships. Following the example of Jesus whose empathy with humankind led him to assume flesh, we choose to be present and active in each other’s daily lives. “Church” begins with relational communities as we pursue the way of Jesus together.


We move toward peace, rhythm, mystery, and presence by welcoming friends and strangers. Following the example of the early Anabaptists and Methodists, we invite all people into relational communities committed to listening to each other, healing the wounded, empowering the disempowered, and nurturing all to participate fully in God’s redemptive work.


We are weary of the transience and fragmentation of contemporary life. Following the example of the historic Church, we celebrate the rhythms of the church calendar, remember the words and practices of saints from other times and places, and work together to build new rhythms that embody good news for a broken world.


We seek peace in a world torn by conflict and violence. Following the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount, we pursue spiritual integrity for ourselves and our families, reconciliation for our relationships and our communities, and justice for our world.


We humbly acknowledge our limitations as human beings. In the tradition of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, we embrace the mystery of God by opening space for prayer, contemplation, lament, and doubt. We practice simple living, celebrate the sacraments of Eucharist and baptism, and encourage pursuit of the arts.