Plowshares Staff


Luke Embree
Lead Pastor/Planter

The Lead Pastor/Planter oversees the life and growth of Plowshares through strategic planning and development, pastoral care and counseling, and by equipping the Church to be the hands of feet of Jesus in their world.

Luke Embree is the lead pastor and planter of Plowshares Brethren in Christ. He and his wife Christina have been married since 2001 and have three incredible kids: Hannah, Naomi, and Caleb. Luke’s passions include traveling, long distance running, and learning new things. His idea of a “dream vacation” would be to camp his way along the Camino de Santiago through northern Spain. But he’d settle for a river boat cruise along the Rhine, the preferred choice of his much more sophisticated wife Christina.

Matt Dodson
Administrative Pastor

The Administrative Pastor organizes and develops the administration of Plowshares including budgets, calendars, and internal processes that help the Church thrive in the day to day.

Matt Dodson is the administrative pastor of Plowshares and is one half of the dynamic Matt/Renee duo. Together, with his wife Renee, he leads and cares for Plowshares Communities and ensures that everything’s running smoothly. Matt is so good at what he does we’ve developed a term to describe it. The term “Ad-Matt-istration” refers to the vital role he plays in Plowshares. Before joining Plowshares, Matt worked on a dairy farm and was involved with the FFA Organization in multiple roles. He’d be happy to talk with you about all things agriculture.

Christina Embree
NextGen Director

The NextGen Director develops the next generation of Christian leaders by developing core curriculum for Plowshares’ members age 3-18.

Christina Embree is the NextGen Director of Plowshares and a founding member of Team Embree. She loves raising three children with her husband Luke, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. In addition to her work at Plowshares, Christina is also a successful blogger, consultant, and conference speaker in the area of children and family ministry. She currently blogs at and is a doctoral candidate at Wesley Seminary in Marion, IN.

Amanda Duke
Prayer Evangelist

The Prayer Evangelist oversees prayer and evangelism in Plowshares by directing prayer efforts and organizing spaces and opportunities for God’s people to unite in the vital ministry of prayer and outreach.

Amanda Duke serves as the prayer evangelist of Plowshares BIC. In addition to a life-long passion for Jesus, she has also developed a deep love for D.C. Comics. And even though we all find the various subplots of D.C. exhausting, she continues to insist on their superiority over Marvel. Amanda is currently studying Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary and dreams of traveling to France to share the love of God through prayer and the leading of God’s Spirit.

Steering Committee

Lynn Thrush

Lynn Thrush is Bishop of the Brethren in Christ Great Lakes Conference and currently sits on the Steering Committee of Plowshares where he offers his wisdom, encouragement, and gifts of administration.

Tracie Hunter

Tracie Hunter serves as pastor of Western Hills Brethren in Christ in Cincinnati, OH and sits on the Steering Committee of Plowshares where she offers her wisdom, experience, and gifts of administration.

Todd Johns

Todd Johns is executive director of Revive Ministries, a multi-layered ministry providing hope and resources to men struggling with addiction and offering the hope of Jesus Christ to a new generation. Todd also serves on the Steering Committee of Plowshares where he offers his wisdom, insights, and gifts of administration.