This summer our youth will be joining Youthworks in Chattanooga, TN for a week of service and mission. We are excited to take our youth on this trip but, as you can imagine, there is some cost involved.

In order to help our youth offset the cost of the trip, we are creating a Wilmore Exclusive Discount Card. I’m sure you’ve seen or maybe even been a part of a discount card in the past. These cards are purchased by the buyer and kept for one year in order to receive discounts at participating businesses.

Since our youth are all from Wilmore, we would like to create a discount card that is exclusive to Wilmore and will encourage more residents to frequent your business. Discounts are completely determined by you and will be in effect from June 1, 2019 until May 31, 2020.

If you are excited to participate in our discount, please feel free to fill out and return the enclosed form and mail it to Plowshares BIC Youth, c/o Christina Embree, 209 Butler Blvd, Wilmore KY 40390.

Alternatively, to fill out an online form, click here.

For a printable flyer, click here.