Plowshares Peace Team


Advancing the Plowshares mission to spread the peace of Christ in and around the city of Lexington.


We commit to engage in events, movements, and educational opportunities that support Plowshares’ mission.

We commit to partner with churches, community leaders, and organizations to create events and opportunities that are aligned with Plowshares’ pace witness.


Lead and model to others the way of peace in Christ in real and tangible ways, helping us come to know the God of peace and reconciliation.

Work with like-minded, like-hearted people in a fun, collaborative, and encouraging environment.


Be present at Plowshares Peace Team meetings as an active, committed member.

Create and organize events, opportunities, and workshops designed to advance the Plowshares peace mission.

Encourage and promote peace initiatives organized by Plowshares pastors, community groups and teams as well as partnering with other churches and community organizations.

“We seek peace in a world torn by conflict and violence. Following the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount, we pursue spiritual integrity for ourselves and our families, reconciliation of our relationships and our communities, and justice for our world.”