In addition to the core values of the BIC and the shared values of Plowshares BIC, the NextGen ministry recognizes these key points that frame and shape ministry to children, youth, young adults and families.

  1. The primary place of discipleship and faith formation takes place in the home, therefore, ministry within the church must extend into the home through the nurture, support, resourcing and equipping of parents and caregivers.

  2. The community of faith shares the task of discipleship through intentional intergenerational relationships in times of corporate worship and learning, one-on-one mentoring, and a commitment to serving in ministry geared towards children, youth, and young adults.

  3. The body of Christ is made up of all ages and we all need each other. Each generation has unique gifts to give to the body and unique spiritual needs that need to be nurtured so we strive to make space for both.

  4. Celebration is an important part of the spiritual path and we commit to celebrating corporately and frequently, especially taking the time to note spiritual growth through the celebration of rites of passage, times of blessing, and community-wide celebration.


Plowshares encourages children to worship with their parents and the larger faith community, but we also understand that sometimes children need something a bit more engaging at their level of understanding. At our weekly Sunday Gathering in Lexington, kids will have a chance to participate in a hands-on learning experience during the sermon and in our Home Churches, each group decides when and how they will engage with children. We use The Meeting House kids curriculum during all of our times together.

Kids are active and creative; growing and bursting with ideas. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God belongs to them. Kids will learn how each story in scripture connects to God’s big story, and ultimately points to Jesus.


Plowshares Youth provides time and space for youth 6th grade through 12th grade to gather for community, learning, and fun together through monthly gatherings, quarterly service projects and weekly involvement in our Plowshares Community groups.


We encourage families to participate in faith formation practices together both at home and in our communities. Families are invited to serve together on our various service teams and have fun together at our community events.

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