Lent 2019 Resources

Our theme for Lent 2019 is “Good, Fallen, Redeemed”. This year for Lent, Plowshares is providing a number of resources for Individuals, Community Groups, and All Community Gathering so that we can all have the opportunity to enter into this space of Lament through the Psalms. If you have any questions or would like to request a digital or hard copy of these resources, please email Christina Embree at nextgen@plowshareslex.org.


Individual Resources

  • Preparing for Lent - An article to help us orient our hearts towards this season.

  • Lenten Daily Journal - Assembled by Plowshares Community member, Lisa Weaver-Swartz, this 40 Day journal is a Journey through the Psalms that invites us to engage with active lament using art and words. To receive your copy, email us with your request for a digital or hard copy.

  • Lenten Daily Psalms - As we go through Lent, the Psalms will guide us through a time of contemplation, meditation and lament. This full list will be posted on our Facebook page and available here.

  • Lenten Daily Prayer Devotional - An online devotional that provides both devotional thoughts and prayers is available here. This link will be made available on our Facebook page and in the Up & Coming emails each week.

Community Group.png

Community Groups

  • Burying the Alleluia - Alleluia means "praise the Lord," and it is an expression of joy. During lent, we do not fast from praise, certainly, but as Jesus fasted forty days in the wilderness in preparation for ministry, lent is similarly a sobering time, characterized by asceticism to prepare our own hearts for the weight of the cross and significance of Easter. This group activity intended for the week of March 10; a short liturgy and materials will be given to all Community Group leaders. Contact office@plowshareslex.org for more information.

  • Lent Pretzel Activity - When early Christians would pray, they would cross their arms and touch each shoulder with the opposite hand. They also fasted very strictly during Lent, making their bread with only water, flour, and salt. According to some accounts, pretzels originated in the 6th century with monks who, as they were preparing unleavened bread for Lent, shaped the dough into twisted shapes to symbolize arms crossed in prayer. While there is no way to know if these accounts truly reflect the pretzel’s origins the bread can still be a meaningful reminder to us of the meanings of the Lenten season. Lent provides us with an intentional pause, a reason to step back from the busy-ness of life and reflect. This optional group activity that engages everyone from the youngest to the oldest in prayer and service is available by request (see below).

  • Lenten Community Meal - Each time Plowshares gathers, we share a meal with one another. During this Lenten season, we are providing an Anabaptist liturgy of community and remembrance that community groups can use together.


All Community Gatherings

Sunday, March 17 and Sunday, April 7 - Plowshares BIC gatherings at Sunday morning at 11 am at the Plantory in Lexington. During Lent, we will be exploring the Psalms and joining the Psalmist in a time of lament and yearning. We invite you to join us for these interactive and contemplative experiences.

Sunday, March 31 - Fifth Sundays are Service Sundays for Plowshares; instead of gathering to receive, we gather to give. Giving is one of the pillars of the traditional Lenten observance in the global church. This Sunday we will be serving with Downtown People of Lexington and providing a meal for our fellow community members. For information on how you can be involved, contact your community group leader or email office@plowshareslex.org.

Sunday, April 21 - Easter Sunday! Join us for a time of celebration as we once again raise the alleluia and marvel at the resurrection of our Hope in Christ.