Launch Teams


Launch teams are short-term teams organized to accomplish a specific task or mission.

Lexington Launch Team

The Lexington Launch Team was created in order to bring about a solid foundation for Plowshares in Lexington, specifically at the Plantory and in the Georgetown Pike “parish,” including Lexington Rescue Mission. This team consists of three zones (see below) areas of focus. This team has concluded its launch phase and no longer meets but we anticipate forming new Launch Teams in similar veins in the future.

Below is a snapshot of what a Launch Team encompasses:

Zone 1 – Prayer and Rhythms

Our prayer team meets twice a month for prayer nights and prayer evangelism in and around Lexington. Our rhythms team engages with the community in the everyday places of community life like game nights and running clubs.

Prayer and rhythms are essential acts in pursuing the vision of Plowshares in and around Lexington. For our team, prayer is the foundation which leads up to loving our neighbors in the rhythms of our daily lives. You can join us in prayer by receiving our prayer letter and/or participating in our Radically Open Prayer Evangelism (ROPE) nights. Our teams work to find ways to get involved in the rhythms of life around the Plantory and we invite you to go with us as we live, work, and play in Lexington.

Zone 2 – Welcome and Hospitality

Our Zone 2 team creates “doorways” for people to enter Plowshares by creating opportunities for intentional and recreational interaction.

LexGetTogether is a way to explore our city together through tours, events, scavenger hunts, and more.

Röt Dinners (Root Dinners) are radically open tables where intentional spiritual conversation takes place around really good food.

Zone 3 – Community and Presence

Communion at the Plantory: every Friday at noon in the Loft

Community Groups: Planting, cultivating and growing new community groups in Lexington. Contact Joshua Grubbs at for information on the Plantory Community Group and Pastor Luke Embree at about other available Lexington Community Groups.