Plowshares Home Churches start with a seed and grow into Christ-centered communities that share life together through worship and fellowship with a goal of multiplication and discipleship. Each Plowshares Home Church starts with a seed of three: a Shepherd, a Host, and an Apprentice (Shepherd in training). These three begin to meet to pray, worship, and grow together. In time, the group begins to expand as others join in community. When the group has reached capacity (around 12-15 members), it is time to multiply! The Apprentice moves into a Shepherd position by joining with a new Host and Apprentice to form the next seed.

Each Plowshares Home Church is unique in its membership and characteristics but all share in the reading of Scripture in community, the celebration of communion together, and sharing a meal with one another as modeled by the first church in Acts. Plowshares Home Churches are open to all ages and we invite everyone to use their abilities and talents to serve as God has gifted them.

Home Churches


Joining a Home Church

Everybody lives in different areas and have different schedules. At Plowshares, we have different communities that meet at different locations, days and times. All are welcome! If you would like to find out more about being a part of a community contact us at