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This week in Plowshares

Tuesday & Thursday: Plowshares Book Club, 12:00 pm in the Student Center of Asbury Theological Seminary

Thursday: Plowshares Youth, OMS in Wilmore, Contact Christina at for more info

Friday: Communion in the Loft, 12:00 at the Plantory

This Week & Next: Plowshares Community Gatherings in and around Lexington, Contact for locations!

March 31 - Service Sunday - Serving with Downtown Lexington; see Community Group Leaders on how to get involved!

Root Dinner

Great food.

real conversation.

When was the last meal you ate with someone else, not in a rush, at a table, with great food, and really great intentional conversation? We want to reclaim the sacred art of sharing a meal and enjoying the presence of others.

Root Dinner is a space to sit down, eat delicious food, and discuss more than the weather or how work is stressful. Intentionally set apart as a time to re-learn how to have thoughtful conversations with friends and strangers alike, we will share a 3-course meal accompanied by 3 tiers of questions to discuss with your table.

Click here to learn more.