Presence, Welcome, Rhythm, Peace, Mystery

What we believe


Seven Minute sermon

This October in Plowshares

Home Churches: Meeting in homes throughout Fayette and Jessamine counties. Click here for more information.

Sundays at the Gathering: Sundays at 11 am at the Plantory in Lexington

Wednesdays: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at the Plantory in Lexington

October 17: Plowshares Youth in Wilmore

October 26: Fall Harvest Party inWilmore, 5-8 pm

October 27: Ordination Celebration Service, 11 am at the Plantory; Meal to Follow


Sermon Series


We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for coffee, donuts and discussion on what it means to Belong, Believe and Become. We will journey through the book of Ephesians and into Advent together. Our gathering is casual, our welcome is genuine and our discussion is open to all. Feel free to get a hold of us here or email

alpha groups

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge. Feel free to get a hold of us here or email